An activity report provides a brief summary of all the tasks performed by the organization/individual over a given time period. Activity report as the name suggests, consists of details of all the activities implemented in the given time frame, it also includes performance analysis of the tasks evaluating the success ratio, they highlight details about number of people involved, the resources used and also the financials associated. They help in keeping track of work and provide a quick visualization of the bigger picture.


Activity reports play vital role in gap analysis and help in creating further strategies. They are one of the most effective methods to show transparency. Observing the importance of activity reports in social sector, we see that activity reports not just help in analyzing the work done but also create strong impact during fund raising for the organization especially when we talk about CSR funds. Every corporate have their own set criterias of how and when they evaluate usage of their funds. For this activity report is the most easy and fast method of analysis.


Most of the time one is required to submit activity reports separately apart from adding them in the quarterly or monthly reports where one mentions the kind of activities performed in a nutshell. Whereas the full report is send just after the completion of the activity. These detailed reports include a lot of specifics, mentioning all the activities organized like campaigns, trainings, workshops, celebrations, etc. with all the resources and finances involved.


Now doing this kind of regular and rigorous reporting manually is a mammoth task. It wastes a lot of time and resources which one is always short of while working in social sector. ManageMyNGO through its activity report feature solves this problem. MMN provides a platform to record activities on-the-go. So if one is recording a campaign they get a medium to store all the resource data being used, they can click photographs of the event and save it in the platform and can even click and save bills through their phone.
Activity report feature provides easy surveys for quick data entry and syncs the different available data to create an automated report whose delivery can also be automated. So one does not have to bother about creating lengthy reports and sending them. This can just be done with a couple of clicks.