Baselining is the process of analyzing the current situation of a project or program to identify the starting points. It creates an information base against which one can monitor progress and effectiveness during the implementation of that activity, it provides a reference for comparison. Projects starting from scratch may have a null initial baseline but in a number of cases, the data needed for baseline already exists. One only needs to collect this data and ensure its updation as per the need. Baseline data provides minimum information required to measure whether the results are incremental and helps in assessing the quality of the implementation.


ManageMyNGO provides a baseline feature to its partnering NGOs to create a capacity record for their base assessment. For instance, an NGO working in education sector needs to assess current situation of the school they want to support. They need a base assessment of things like the strength of students over the years, existing number of teachers & classrooms, availability of labs, supplies, equipments, etc. This is a survey that is needed to be done regularly to track growth and general upkeep of the school that is being supported. It will help in assessing the qualitative and quantitative strength of the project and in turn assist in decision making. Performing this entire task without any digital platform is a herculean task.
ManageMyNGO solves this problem through its baseline feature which allows NGOs to fill the online survey on a go and keep a record of it. One can even fill this digitized baseline report through their cellphones and use the same for continuous analysis. The recorded data will be available on their dashboard and they can accordingly keep track of available and missing information from their. The feature also gives an option of sending reminders to the concerned people for completing the missing elements in the report. The feature gives one an option of converting this data into graphs for easy representation and understanding which can be used to show growth after the school has come under the NGOs umbrella.