The journey of a product is such that the aim is always focused towards providing a better user experience for the client in resonance with requirements and execution. While developing the baseline feature the MMN team was able to minutely focus on this experience, the team proceeded with development in such a way that they validate requirements in the initial phase of development. Our technical lead Nishanth closely worked with the founder of Shikshanjali, Mridu Gupta. They went to take the first baseline survey together with the demo version of baseline feature ready. Mridu took the survey with the baseline feature and Nishanth was able to analyze what more was needed in the feature. Observing its implementation on ground level gave Nishanth an opportunity to record the minute glitches in the feature and accordingly work on it.
Using this feature on a real time situation helped us and shikshanjali in understanding what more can be done with the feature, for instance, what new fields are required in the form, who all can access and edit it, how feasible it will be to use the feature from the mobile application, etc. The idea of having a continuous recording system was also something that was realized during the ground implementation, this addition manifolded the possibilities of using the available data. By the end of this survey, Shikshanjali was able to analyze the feasibility of incorporating the school to the program, they added their first school to their program and MMN was able to successfully support in this process.