Today, NGOs in India are playing a very important role in addressing the problems at grassroots levels. Whether the problem is of Women empowerment, Child Labour or of Health monitoring. Various NGOs are the first respondent and help in bringing change at the very core.Our main goal is to help NGO to scale further and make a big impact on society, to assist them in it we came up with a digital platform called ManageMyNGO. It is a one-stop solution for all NGO related activities from Due-diligence, CRM to Data Management.

If you run an NGO then a platform which can help you manage all your NGO activities sounds great, but you must be having doubts like: Is it reliable? Is my data is going to be safe and secure?  What will happen if something happens to the application or the servers, all my data will be lost?

All these are pretty genuine concerns and needs to be addressed before you trust your data to a software application.So whenever we meet any client who is interested in using ManageMyNGO, we give them a detailed demo of the application and show them the various policies that we use to make their data and the application more secure. We answer all the doubts of the clients and assure them how this is a reliable platform.

After giving many demos to varied types of NGOs, run by different group people, I realized that the doubts they had are of a similar kind as a mentioned above. So I thought to share some of the pointers from our demo, which help us in winning the assurance of our clients.

  • To keep your data safe and secure we have a separate dedicated team to manage the servers and data behind the application.
  • We use best tools and servers available in the market like Amazon EC2 servers, ¬†S3 for data backs and ELB. Which provides 99.99% data recovery.
  • We take data backs on the daily basis. So there is little to no chance of losing your data.
  • Our DevOps team perform the DR (Disaster Recovery) ¬†process twice in a month so that we can be sure and ready for any bad situations.
  • We ensure the 1-hour uptime of our product which means if anything goes wrong we will back within an hour.

As Our main goal is to help NGO to scale further and make a big impact on society and we realize how much their data is important to show the impact to the funders and get help to more work in their area. So we make our best efforts to give you a great, secure and reliable experience in running your NGO.