Neither starting nor walking the NGO journey is easy. You have a dream, a desire to do something for a cause that truly matters to you. And with that determination you start, readying yourself to be a change bearer. But over the time you understand that running an NGO is not only about working for the cause, there is more to the story. There are ‘n’ number of small and big things one has to keep in mind to make that dream come true. Like any other organization an NGO also has to manage its work, operate in sync with every other person who is handling tasks and get a continuous monetary flow in the organization. The initial years of an NGO are not very different from a startup where you want a lot of things to get done & wish to provide your services but are short in fuel to take a longer flight.


Fundraising/ Donation is the NGO fuel; which over the recent years have reached an achievable stage. In this entire process though a minor looking, but a very chaotic hurdle comes up for almost every NGO. The struggle of coping up with due diligence and all the endless documentation. Think about an NGO that has just started, is trying to work for its cause, is managing the office and field environment, gathering volunteers and has been tirelessly following up with organizations for funds, now in this scenario the NGO is given an additional task of managing its documentation for a properly structured due diligence without which there will be no funds.


So the task which appears to be a sideline disturbs the main functioning. You need to document available and ready for due diligence according to the organization’s requirement; okay that seems doable, but then you have to do it again and again and again for all the new organizations who decide to support you. Does that not appear to be a tiring process? A process that is going to delay you in working on ground, is it worth all the time and effort? No doubt it is important and very crucial; and yes a lot of things depend on it. But somehow in this fast moving world it tends to waste your precious moments, the ones that can bring a change and take your movement ahead. They steal you of time that is not coming back in times when there is so much to be done.