To understand the NGOs working in the rural areas we decided to connect an NGO working in these areas. Luckily we came in contact with an NGO called Rural Area Development Society(RADS) which is working for the betterment of rural people. The NGO is situated in Ranichauri. We started our 25 KMS journey from Bhagirathi Puram to Ranichauri. The path had splendid natural beauty, Huge Deodar and Pinecone Trees with refreshing breeze all the way to Ranichauri.

The NGOs office had so many items on the wall. There were posters about the issues they solve, Charts about various villages they go to and a huge collage of events that they have done in the villages. Also, there were Piles of files containing documents collected over the years. On a different note managing and then accessing paperwork is a time-consuming task. The paperwork can be managed through a system which helps in tracking all the necessary documents of the NGO and they can maximise all their efforts towards their cause.

Rural Area Development Society(RADS) is headed by MR Sushil Bahuguna. He is passionate about solving the problems that rural people are facing and has devoted 25 years of his life for their betterment. Meeting him was an experience in itself. Someone who has worked for so many years shared his wisdom with us. He works with his team members to address the village issues by going to various villages, hearing out their problems and then taking an action on that. The team also conducts various events for the awareness of the rural people.

Problems Rural Area Development Society Target

They have a wide range of categories that they work for. Their areas of working are

  • Spreading awareness on Female Foeticide
  • Training people in disaster management
  • Helping farmers in getting their bank account registered
  • Building portable Indian Household Latrine
  • Treating disabled people

The NGO currently targets villages in NEW TEHRI, ALMORA and CHAMBA. They have a women’s committee, which is working towards the welfare of women in the village. There are events happening time to time for the rural community, all that are arranged by RADS Team.

The team also wants to work for the mentally disabled people. They are determined to break the wall of challenges that are standing in front of them. ColoredCow Team appreciates the efforts the RADS team has put up for their cause and wishes them all the luck in their future endeavours.