Shikshanjali is a program that acts as a medium to develop collaboration between government, corporates and NGOs to solve education challenges in Haryana. Shikshanjali aims at providing accessible and affordable quality education to economically weaker sections by effective utilization of government budgets and CSR funds. To implement a program of this scale with high level of efficiency and transparency shikshanjali needs a digital platform to create that impact. For instance, shikshanjali needs to get a baseline survey done before adding schools to the program.


This survey is needed to create a capacity record of the school, a base assessment which is needed to be done regularly to keep track of on ground progress in schools that are being supported by shikshanjali. It will help in assessing growth and impact of the project and in turn assist in decision making. Shikshanjali evaluated the situation and came to the conclusion that performing these tasks manually is not feasible. They needed a digital platform to perform all these tasks and ManageMyNGO provides them with the right kind of solution for this.


MMN solves this particular issue for Shikshanjali through its baseline feature. To check the effectiveness of the feature, MMN team is closely working with Shikshanjali and accompanied them for a field visit on 16th March, 2017 to validate requirements in an on-ground situation. This visit was performed in the company of Mridu Gupta and Prerit Rana from Shikshanjali, two volunteers from the partnering NGO agrasar and our technical lead Nishant Kaladharan. Baseline survey was performed in two government schools in Tikri Village and Rosewood City.


This real life implementation helped Mridu in analyzing the different issues that volunteers might face in future. There were feedbacks like requirement of a shorter form, need of a guideline set for using the feature, availability of yes/no and rating options to save time, option to add pictures, ability to do this survey during different phases of execution, etc. These feedbacks considerably helped Nishant to understand how the feature should be developed for maximum efficiency. This validation visit helped everyone in having better clarity about what was exactly required from the feature.