Agrasar is an NGO that works towards improving the education, employability and livelihood of people in the rural and less privileged areas of the society. Their core work comprises of preparing training modules, courses and imparting the right skills. Also mobilising the people from the rural areas to identify with them how they can be helped and to identify the right candidates who can and want to be helped.

This requires a lot of other processes and structures in place like capturing the data of the candidates and tracking their performance. It is generally done by the field workers through paper and pen. There’s a separate effort involved to measure the performance and results of the program or campaign undertaken by them. And then to save, manage and compare the results to figure out how the training or skill development program can be made more effective.   

Agrasar’s work has been impactful because they have a good structure for their program and are doing a good job at the ground level with their training program. And it has benefited many people who have been enrolled with them into their program. But they also could see the scope of reducing the waste that came with the process (through manual work) and increasing the efficiency of their outcome or results through technology. A lot of the paperwork could be eliminated, the reports could automatically be generated based on the data entered. In other words, shifting the human intervention from managing the processes to creating and enhancing the process.

When they initiated the use of ManageMyNGO platform with conducting the baseline surveys, they gained more trust that the other inefficiencies could also be solved. They saw the potential in the system and hopped onboard to use the features for their skill development programs.

If you’re an NGO involved in skill development for the weaker sections of the society and see a scope of taking your NGO’s efficiency to the next level like Agrasar, you can connect with us at